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Protect Your Digital Identity

Your information is being sold online. How can you protect your digital identity?

If data breaches weren’t enough to be worried about, some companies are (legally) selling your data online. Data brokers are entities operating behind the scenes of our digital landscape that collect, process, and sell personal information online without an individual’s awareness. You didn’t read those 10-page terms and conditions? Yeah, neither did we. Data is made available from various sources including online interactions with websites and services, public records, and commercial transactions. Often this data is packaged up and sold to other companies or groups.

Why does it matter? Isn’t it just used for advertising?

Of course, advertisers use your data, but it is much more than that.

Companies use data broker insights to make decisions on providing services to you. For example, insurance companies may buy your driving data from your car manufacturer to determine how much to charge you. Financial institutions may also use this information to decide whether to grant a loan or credit application.

Your information is used for investigations and surveillance. While some of these purposes are legitimate (background checks, locating family members, connecting with a colleague online, etc.), the same information is also used for more nefarious reasons. Scammers can purchase the same data to target individuals. Stalkers can use the data to locate or communicate with targets. It can even be used to cause harm to individuals through public release of private information.

The information makes social engineering scams even more effective. With access to your data, an attacker can make targeted attacks that seem more realistic. Information about you and your family can increase the effectiveness of their scams.

Worst of all, criminals use this data for identity theft. With your identity stolen, a criminal can take out loans in your name leaving you with the debt. This could prevent you from getting approved for loans or accounts in the future.

How to remove your information from data broker sites.

The best way to minimize your risk as a target is by reducing the information readily available online. This is easier said than done. There are hundreds of sites that are collecting and selling your data online. It could take years to remove all your data manually. In other words, you have to start all over if they collect and post your information again. Fortunately, there is DeleteMe.

DeleteMe professionals save you time, getting the right information, and enforcing your request for privacy. DeleteMe continually monitors these sources, and new sources, to ensure that your information stays removed.

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